Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

the tooth fairy is coming tonight!

how much does the tooth fairy pay at your house?  we'll decide that tonight (dave has some crazy idea to put $1.28 under his pillow. something from a veggie tales movie that the boys laugh about.... ), and i'm sure it won't be close to the $101 aiden is expecting! ha.

looks a little small for it to even cost a $1.  i, however, know that this is an important decision to make as each subsequent tooth will demand an equal payment or more. hmmmm, i only remember receiving a quarter for mine.

 some friends and i were discussing how squeemish dave and i are in pulling teeth. (we grilled out last night and had corn on the cob, thinking it might fall out then.  but it didn't... just bled, further adding to my nausea.)  i was about to have a friend hold the boy down when he came running to me after the service and announced that his tooth fell out.  

congrats aiden!  i feel like i've just arrived into a new stage of life.  my oldest is no longer a baby.  it's so exciting, but yet sad at the same time.  i know, there are so many other things in which to be thankful.  maybe it's just that i found a couple baby pictures the other day (as most pics are still in storage in cleveland.... arrrggghhh). 

anyway, a new era of loosing teeth.  i might still need my friends to uphold and sustain me.  dave's family can attest that i am not the best when one of my kids' bust a tooth.  unfortunately, we've had many events with drew and his teeth. 

and now i'm going to throw up.

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heather fairweather said...

YAY!!! tell Aiden congrats and Tia would have pulled his tooth for him. why are you guys so squeemish? I used to pull kids teeth at camp. but the picture of his tooth in your palm is pretty gross.

plus the photo of drew showing all his teeth while aiden is missing one is pretty funny. =)