Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Friday, December 19, 2008

tackling form

woohoo!  the last day of school for 2008 has come and gone.  the boys had their christmas program this morning.  what a wonderful time of angst and joy.  angst as i was desperately praying that drew would behave himself, and aiden would not knock down the background.  joy as dave and i laughed throughout the whole production.  the boys are truly funny when they perform.

aiden gave the kid next to him a 'thumbs up' after they recited their lines. 

drew hammed it up for his parents, commenting later, "but mom!  i didn't jump!  i didn't jump mom!"  he did everything BUT jump.  i should have counted how many adults made mention of my silly 4 year old, but then i would have been bored after 20....

is it sad that i look forward to exam week?  

what's not to love? half days, students quiet as they desperately scribble down vague answers, half days, christmas joy, half days.... did i mention half days?

2 whole weeks of relaxation and trying to keep the boys entertained.  oh, i almost forgot about the highlight of our week: drew's behavior on wednesday.

drew had a COMPLETELY horrible day on wednesday, but i can't help but feel mildly responsible.  i mean, he did inherit my sin nature, especially my lack of patience and frustration that ensues from people's erratic behavior. let me explain:

we didn't arrive home until 10 p.m. on tuesday after band practice.  i was SO frustrated from the night, really frustrated at myself for my decreasing skill on the piano.  with my piano in storage in cleveland, i don't come close to practicing... EVER.  a bit frustrating to me as my dear, wonderful husband continues to take easy worship songs and mess with them to make new, "cooler" arrangements.  thus, my frustration increases. 

crashing in bed at 10:00, i knew the next day was going to be a little rough.  WE WILL BE ON TIME FOR SCHOOL.  i am a teacher after all.

so here's the run-down:
1. drew bit a kid who wouldn't give him a ball.  frustration.  i can relate.  he had a little talking from the principal and the nurse.... daddy would deal with him later that night.
2. i picked drew up from aftercare to find out that he had a rough time at lunch... or really HE was the one who was rough.  he pushed and was all around nasty.
3.  treasure box.  he took 2 treasures ***aghast**** and therefore, received none.  drew was NOT pleased.
4. after school.  he tackled a birthday girl, nonetheless, on the playground because he didn't want her to have the swing.  (i was somewhat tempted to ask the childcare worker if his form was ok on the tackle.... already thinking about a future in football or MMA.  i digress.)

so let's just say that drew had a nice, long nap at home.  daddy had his discipline moment and then a much better week.  drew did have to apologize to about 10 people the next day, but i would say it was a successful end to a very tough day.

i love you little man.  one day we will laugh hysterically over the things you did as a kid. 

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