Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


a good 'ole trip from cincin-nasti to west palm does a body good!  heather's trip was stellar and we had loads of fun.  it was quite funny that her first comment as we're walking through the airport parking garage was, "wow, it's hot here." 

um....  if you can call overcast and slightly drizzling at 85 degrees "hot".  i was secretly thinking that she should just wait until the florida sun was blazing down on her body a little later.  thank goodness monday afternoon did not disappoint.  it was hotter.

heather's baby, micah, was beautiful and looks just like her until she throws you a what-in-the-world-are-you-doing-idiot look.  then she looks like her daddy.  pictures to come at a later post.

considering that heather had 4 hours of sleep friday night, we had a GREAT saturday and lounged around for most of the evening.  sunday was church, sunday night- girls gymnastics (the most important part of the olympics which any girl in her right mind would agree.  dave highly disagrees, but then again-he's not a girl.), monday was puttering around jupiter, and tuesday she flew out.  

she came, she went.  too fast.  

we did have some chuckles along the way.

drew could not remember micah's name and arbitrarily called her "jackson" or even just "him".  poor kid loves babies but can't think past his boy cousin for the life of him.  even if the baby has earrings. 

the boys definitely don't remember spitting up all over me, but they reel back at the slightest bit of baby slobber.  if only they knew what they put me through.  aiden was the worst.  he actually physically starts to gag and we quickly have to shoo him away.  

i think we had a total of 10-12 people point out that we look alike.  uh, yes... we're twins. 

i love the fact that no matter who is visiting who, coffee is always made first thing in the morning.  that always adds to the visit.  my friend, julie holley, also appreciates this little bit of glory in the morning.  that's why she's a friend.  anywho.....

the first morning as we're laying in bed (dave was moved to the couch.  thanks dave! such a sweetie.  then again, usually craig moves for me too.  what great guys.), drew came into snuggle early in the morning and heather had grabbed micah from an early rising.  such sweet bliss to have some kiddos cuddling with us.  drew kissed on micah who apparently LOVES to be pampered.  that's my girl.  :) she also loves baby massages.  she truly knows how to be loved!

a great visit loving on family. more to come.


Lisa Presley said...

Sounds like a great time! Sorry I missed it... but, of course, I must smile at Drew thinking Micah's name must be Jackson! :)

The Ceppo Family said...

I love the bit about coffee...I knew that I liked you for a reason. So glad you all had fun!