Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

camp life

dave and aiden went to a preteen camp this week as dave was the camp pastor.  we figured aiden was the most apt to sit through a message.  then again, he is the most obedient carroll boy at this moment.... that helped the decision too.  poor drew, he's going through his terrible twos at, um, four. 

i asked dave how aiden sat through the messages.  so cute:  apparently, dave was speaking and aiden would raise his hand (as if in school) periodically though the message.  my little boy.

dave allowed aiden to drive the civic all over the campground.  of course, dave was at the wheel with aiden on his lap, but i get a little chuckle to imagining this buzzed head peering over the wheel.  

AND.... aiden made the scoring run during his first kickball game.  ahhhhhhhh..... a proud moment. (i'm not competitive, am i?!?!?!)

during this absence of the campers, drew and i had good bonding time for the most part.  i found out that he still gets incredibly emotional when he misses his nap.  anywho.  a little ditty: during a bath, i asked drew if he was making any friends at the school's daycare.  he said that there was this "cute girl named T** but she's not like the silly girls on tv." 

i said with raised brow, "oh, really?!?!"

drew replied,"yes.  you know those girls that are all 'wiggly'."

i guess he doesn't like dancers.  sorry hannah montana.  i thought drew was a good match for you.  too bad.

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