Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

birthday and easter and spring break

A quick post:

Had a FABULOUS time this morning at Treasure Coast High School where we had around 400-500 people at our launch. WONDERFUL. I was so amazed (although I'm not sure why since I meditated on scripture this week that talked about the power of the Lord-the same power that God demonstrated in raising Christ is the power that He has available to us) to see the turn out. Anyways, Dave said that we had something around 40 people accept Christ between the 2 campuses. Just totally awesome.

I'm not quite sure if the ladies I invited from Publix made it. I didn't have the opportunity to mingle in the crowd as much as I would like. I tried to scan the crowd in between songs without looking like a complete fool, but to no avail.

My birthday (32nd) was Friday and had an absolute perfect day with my men. We ate lunch with friends at the Food Shack-LOVE IT!!!!- and then off to the Jupiter Aquatic Center. Night was spent with some other friends, just fellowshiping and enjoying ourselves. If you ever are in Jupiter, Florida for a vacation or visit, you need to eat at the Food Shack. I'm just saying....

Spring Break: ahhhhh. Time to chill, love on my boys, and frolick in the sun. I love Florida.

Comment on your spring break-ery. What's in store? I'd love to hear. :)

Many blessings to everyone on Easter! Praise the Lord for those whose lives were changed for all eternity.

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