Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Friday, October 2, 2009

32 weeks

And so the countdown has started, at least in my mind! Technically we have 2 months, a little less than 8 weeks. But with the "official" diagnosis of gestational diabetes, I will probably be induced in about 6 weeks.  

Many people, including my own mom, have expressed apologies over the diabetes diagnosis, but it really hasn't phased me. I did have it with Aiden and Drew plus my family history is horrible.  Big surprise that I have it again. So I'm watching my sugars, what I eat, and how much weight I gain. (Which btw, is not TOO bad! I feel like I am doing much better than my two previous pregnancies. Yay me!)

So today was day 1 of testing my sugars. I'm wasting time right now because I need to go check my blood in about 30 minutes. :) And then clean.... maybe I'm really procrastinating.

This baby is nicknamed "Big Baby" (check the Celtics player-hahaha) already because he is already measuring at 35 weeks instead of 32. My ultrasound this week showed that he weighs 6 lbs. some ozs. I didn't quite catch the ounces as I was incredulous over the weight. Oh yeah, we're going early. I told my o.b. about Heather's 9 pounder that came 3 weeks early. The doctor wasn't too interested in having the baby's shoulders become an issue. We'll watch to induce early or even a c-section. 

AND.... we are playing a little naming game. I have had the hardest time picking a name for this baby. One Saturday morning, as Dave and I laid in bed, we were discussing names when I told him that I liked a certain one but couldn't imagine naming that baby that if he had blonde hair. Everything snowballed until Dave suggested naming the baby off of his hair color. :) We were dying laughing (like we're ever serious) and so that is what we are doing. We've picked 3 different names: one for a blonde, one for a brunette, one for a red head. If there is a discrepancy over the name, the nurses and doctor take a vote. :) And that's the story.

Unless I TOTALLY change my mind and decide whatever I want. 

And I can do that. I'm the mom. :)


Dave and Mandy said...

yall are too funny! Good luck on that big ole baby :)

Erica said...

i miss this blog.
where are you?
come baaaack.