Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Monday, September 14, 2009

frogs and force fields

I just took the kids on a short trip to South Carolina as one of my cousins was married (yay Erica and Matt!!!). Great time with my parents and extended family. :) I'm trying to post a video of Drew breaking it down to some jazz. Very funny as the dancing DOES NOT reflect the type of music, but very Drew-esque nonetheless!

As I was leaving my parents to make the 2 hour trip home last night, the boys and I discovered many a small tree frog in the car. Many, ahem, "guests" travel with us from my parents. Often they are wolf spiders (gross) and now these little frogs.  I felt one jump on my foot early on in the trip and shaking my leg soon entailed. :)

So night falls, Drew sleeps. I soon found this frog jumping on my dashboard. I pulled off the road, turned on the lights and tried to trap the frog to release it. I would rather deal with a frog over those wolf spiders (again, gross) but I think I was rather squeamish for Aiden.  Here's his advice:

"Mom. You just need to pray. Pray that God will give you a force field against the frog. Just say some words like,
 'Dear Jesus. Please give me a force field around me so that the frog can not jump on me.'
That's it mom. Just pray those words."

I am trying to stifle a laugh about my kid who combines Star Wars with theology. :) Awesome.

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Dave and Mandy said...

HAHAHA your boys are great!