Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


AND.... we've moved.  Yes, again.  This move has been to Port St. Lucie to be closer to our church (THE rockin' Calvary Chapel  of PSL) which gives us a shorter commute and more room!  Yea for more room. 

The house is great, and we are definitely loving the space: about 3 times the size of our townhouse plus a backyard to boot! The boys are enjoying the summer and also the house... have I mentioned the yard? Haha. Fun for all.  

I love the grass too and the mowing. Seriously. One of our praise band members owns a lawn mowing company and offered to come by whenever to help out. Very sweet, but I had to let him know that it has been at least 6 years since I mowed my own lawn! I actually joked with him about applying for a position with his company. The smell, the finished product... how can you not love it? :)

Now we just have to finish a couple of things like painting the baby's room and organizing Dave's office. Dave, who usually does a knock-up job at picking paints colors, completely bombed when he chose some random peachy skin color. Uh... no. Back to square one and whenever we have free time next. Maybe in August. 

The baby: doing well and kickin'. Well, not kicking as much as the boys did, leading Dave to believe it's a girl.  Who knows but God? So I don't want to lean one way or the other until we have that ultrasound... which might be at week 40. I really does feel like the doctors are having some communication issues. 

My doctor put a script in for an ultrasound 3 WEEKS AGO. I have called back and told them that I have not received a call from the specialist yet, and then they fax the script again. 3 times. So I head off to the ob/gyn for another visit on Tuesday. Maybe they can get it right. 

Besides that, we wait. We're also praying for an opportunity to get the rest of our stuff from Cleveland. I'm trying to be patient but it has been about 2 years!!! It's really the baby stuff and maternity clothes that are killing me.  I'm not really fond of throwing more money out the window when I have perfectly good stuff sitting in storage. Currently, I have only 2 pants of maternity clothes that fit me, and then I'm using this stretchy band over my regular clothes to hold me over until I can get my good stuff. Argh. I just don't want to spend money on new maternity clothes. I'd rather buy me a new pair of shoes!

Talking of the baby, I am at week 17 (18 on Tuesday). The wait continues!

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