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Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Friday, May 1, 2009

fire alarm

I know it's been awhile since I've posted and part of that has been intentional as school is closing quickly. Plus, naps are in the agenda too! I really haven't had nausea or vomiting with this pregnancy but I've been extremely tired and had frequent headaches.

So today was quite eventful at school. Our school hosts an Art Festival each year as students from the county's private schools have pieces on display. I took my English classes down, at the request of the Art teacher, so that the students can see some of the displays.

It's such a wonderful festival and very organized too. There aremany activities: a professional sidewalk-chalk artist, upper ele. students performing folk dances, popsicles, and fun for all.

In the midst of all the organized chaos, we hear a distant bell of the fire alarm. That's strange. Usually fire alarms are announced ahead of time to the teachers for preparation.

I lead my class out to the field and we stand there for the 10 minutes.... extra distractions since the festival is going on and all fun had to stop momentarily.

Walking back to my class after the drill is released, I talked to an office worker who said it was probably a preschool student who pulled the alarm.

Um.... I have a preschooler....

5 minutes later, the president of the school came by and confirmed THAT IT WAS INDEED DREW who pulled the alarm!!!! She said it was so funny to see him on the video, testing out the handle, pulling it, and then trying to get it to stop.

Here's the cool thing though: when asked if he did it, he confessed that it was he. Now, I know that It's not a good thing to go around pulling alarms, AND he is a 4 year old, inquisitive boy. But I am so proud that he told the truth and did not lie. We've been working on that at home, making sure that he confesses when he does something wrong.

So here's to the truth-telling rebel..... love you babe.

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Dave and Mandy said...

you should totally get that video! Did you see it? good job teaching your boys to tell the truth! :)