Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

stalker mom

i'm officially a stalker mom, defender of the defenseless (AKA: my boys).  dave previously wrote about the all-new craze of bakugan toys.  our boys have two: 1 each.  

well, yesterday i picked the kids up from school and discovered that aiden had snuck a bakugan to school, trading it for another.  only he didn't trade his....  he traded drew's.
i was not a happy camper.  aiden defended himself by saying, "but mom! i got one in return!!!" let me explain: earlier this week dave had to detail the concept of trading.  trading means giving and then RECEIVING a toy in return. 

so off i march to school with the boys in tow.  super mom to rescue drew's traded toy.  have we mentioned how the manufacturer is making a LOAD off of these toys?  every store is sold out, hence why the boys only have one bakugan each.  some of these kids at school have 10+.  it's completely crazy.

the child aiden traded with was still in aftercare, but no bakugan in sight.  he had already traded it with another boy.  ARGGGHHHH.

my two (count them: one, two...) planning periods were eaten up trying to unravel the trade.  but i prevailed.  :) (are you surprised?)  

drew has his toy.  aiden learned a lesson. mom is tired.  

**** gum update****
i have officially caught #50.  about 10 students are in the process of paying still.  some have payment plans. :)  what a great way to save for Christmas.  i could kiss the administrator who came up with this rule, but then that would be gross.



Dave said...

wow sounds like i might get a christmas gift since you have all that money :)

Dave and Amy Carroll said...

maybe. if you're nice to me.

Dave and Amy Carroll said...

mandy, is that you? you made me think my dave was commenting!