Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


i'm sitting here, waiting for dave to come home from church.  God has really done some amazing things this week and brought us to our knees.  you have to know that dave's been sick for about a week with his allergies/sinus infection thing, we've battled pink-eye, aiden has double ear-infections and now on his 2nd antibiotic, and i've just started the whole cold-sinus thing.  what a pain. 

HOWEVER: i've felt that i've needed to post after such a rough last week.  sunday was an absolute, amazing worship service at calvary chapel.  dave led out in a prayer experience and we saw many people on their knees before the Lord.  pastor mike preached through philippians 4, talking about rejoicing in the Lord and the peace through prayer.

here's the kicker. i've had a harder time this school year finding that 'right' time to spend away with Him.  last year was so easy as i had first period off.  i came in, settled myself, and dove into the Word. enough said. this year, not quite so easy as i have a different schedule.  excuses, excuses.... lack of consistent quite time.

so as God spoke to me this Sunday, i realized how much i was still worrying over things and not bringing them before Him.  i have made a consistent effort to try to spend some time at night these past few days alone in a quiet time.  tuesday night was one of those nights where dave was at band practice and, as i am not playing this week, i was at home. i confessed plainly how i have just known that God is God and therefore, i have lacked the ASKING part of prayer.  you know, the part that most people do but apparently i have not.  i worry. 

i  climbed into bed, fully relaxed as i just unloaded on my Heavenly Father.  dave came home not too long after and woke me up.  he then told me how he went to the mailbox, retrieved the mail, and was astounded by God. we received a gift in the mail allowing us to drastically catch up on some things we needed.

now i know finances are somethings that people just don't like discussing.  it's just not a secret that we've been through quite a year. enough said.  we are very thankful for the jobs God has provided, but we know that it might take us a long time to get out of the hole we've currently fond ourselves.

but isn't our God good?  He constantly proves Himself over and over to us, specifically me.  have i not learned the lesson to trust in the Lord, the provider of all good things? i look back on the past years and see how God has guided and given, all what we've needed.  

even through this week of sickness, rejoice with us on how our God is truly a good God.  He knows exactly what we need, but yet wants us to ask and then trust. thank you Lord. :)

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