Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spring break

Spring break!  Love it.  I know, I know: a little early.  This works out perfectly in my book at least.  Last week was minimester where students sign up for a week-long class.  The seniors go on their senior trip, the sophomores go on the college tour, others on a mission trip to the D.R., etc. 

This year I attended the college tour with the sophomores and had a blast!  For the most part, the students were very well behaved (some started a new nickname for me: kitty carroll-figure that one out.  i think it sounds like some hooker name and thus, i've discouraged the use of it. we'll see if it continues into the school day..).  
We went to PBA, FAU, Southeastern, Rollins,
 Stetson, UCF, and UF.  Fun, fun.  

We took the students to go see Cirque du Soliel. WONDERFUL SHOW.  I can not emphasis enough how great this performance was!!!  What a twist on the circus and a ballet with a European funky flair. FABULOUS. These kind of shows always make the little girl in me dream of flying through the air.... I could do that. Then my dream is burst upon the reality of my mom-bod. Uh, no.  I couldn't do that. 

So spring break is now upon me.  Time to catch up on my Esther Bible Study (thank you Beth Moore, yet again) and run errands that I normally don't have time to complete. Already I've gone to have my oil changed, ran to the doctor (Aiden and his ears: a recurring enjoyment), grocery shopped, haircuts for the boys before going to grandma's (no shaggy-ness allowed, thank you), laundry, the bank, and Target. 

The rest of this week will be a great time for Dave and me to catch up with some friends in North Louisiana.  A previous student will be married and a friend is volunteering to fly us out to go to the ceremony. Thank you God for yet another blessing.  We are looking forward to spending time with friends and celebrating nuptials! 

And the weather will be great: cold.  I'll bust out my kelly-green coat.  LOVE IT!!! Rockin' the fashion in Vivian.  Watch out, fashionistas.


Dave and Mandy said...

Cold? Nah... Today we went and checked out the ice sculptures from the World Ice Sculpting Competition, it was so cool! There were ice slides which were fun but the best part was it was outside and it was about 5 degrees all day! Man it was cold, you can't really wear enough clothes for that! Tons of fun though. Hope you have fun in LA, I want to be there to hang out with yall! See you in Aug :)

Kelli said...

I LOVE Cirque Du Soliel! Billy took me there for my birthday one year and I was blown away :)