Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

new dress and shoes

so i had my new shopping buddy (aka: Dave) come to marshalls with me.  now to let you know.... i hate marshalls.  you can include tj max and ross in with marshalls too.  i get so worn out searching and searching for clothes that fit correctly.  i would rather go to a store that i know i LOVE and just buy stuff on sale.  for instance: i love ann taylor loft.  wonderful store.  clothes look great and are cheap when on the sale rack.  i digress

i always here how great these stores are from my mother-in-law and now my new sister-in-law (janell! welcome to the family!!!).  so i'm in hunt for a new dress for janell's bridal shower.

here's my new dress for $15, a steal, and new shoes from macy's.  i'm slowly learning.....


Erica said...


I love your cute outfit. Don't knock Marshalls or TJ's . . . I love those places . . . now I have my own version, called Toi Market. Except everything is used and dressing room space is nonexistent.

Love that I'm the first poster and I'm 5 million miles away on dial-up. I totally win. Thanks for linking to my blog. :)


Anonymous said...

now i just have to lose weight to borrow it....